HyperTesto  Still in a negative context, a high HyperTesto level was recognized as an aggravating risk factor and influencing already fragile individuals to smoke, drink alcohol and engage in risky behaviors. Here we see the other side of the coin, but it should not alarm us! As I said, it all depends on where we are going to put this energy released by increasing our HyperTesto! May it serve to nourish our desire to go further, to train ourselves harder, to surpass ourselves! HyperTesto and Depression the HyperTesto and the depression The American Journal of Psychiatry has published a study showing that a HyperTesto intake improves depressive states. Several other studies have actually been able to link low HyperTesto levels, low HyperTesto levels, and depression. By studying the medical records of men aged and over, it was found that over a two year period men with low HyperTesto levels were four times more likely to be diagnosed with depression. It is therefore essential, especially when one is growing older (and in the case of HyperTesto, vigilance is required in the thirties, when rates start to fall naturally , to be attentive to the various signs, sometimes subtle, which May be synonymous with a decline in HyperTesto levels too high.

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